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Un artista imagina cómo serían nuestros personajes y famosos favoritos si aparecieran en distintas series

Le puedes encontrar como Atomic CircuS en Facebook o como Dinotomic en Instagram. Y te aconsejamos que empieces a seguirle, porque sus ilustraciones ejercitarán tu imaginación y creatividad.

Este joven artista noruego se ha especializado en hacer ilustraciones digitales en las que reimagina personajes populares en el estilo de caricatura de varios programas de televisión y películas. Por ejemplo, podemos ver cómo sería el Hombre Araña en Lego, como princesa de Disney, en Los Simpson y en otras series o filmes.

Maestro Yoda

Bob Ross

El Hombre Araña


Mike Tyson

Jack Black

Ronnie Coleman


Dennis Rodman

Tom Segura

Scottie Pippen

Dimitri Vegas


Princesas de Disney

El Joker de Joaquin Phoenix

Robert Downey Jr.

Stan Lee

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Stan Lee drawn in different styles ,wearing different outfits of characters he created /co created :)the more I do these the more I feel like I'm nailing them better – I understand a bit better each style and flow- I like my last pieces a lot better then my first pieces 🙂 This one is also available as a print on my store www.dinotomic.com . 😃 also sorry for making so many of these , im just having so much fun doing it and you know the quarantine is super boring haha. The characters i did were made from fantasy using the respected art styles of the different shows 😃 Often i base them on existing characters and change up their features to resemble more the new character 😃 who is your favorite here ?:) and who should i do next ?

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Keanu Reeves

Freddie Mercury

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Freddie Mercury drawn in 9 styles! What price is your favorite here ? All of these have been drawn from scratch by me – they where not based on any existing characters only the style – the only exception here is the big mouth one since he was actually in the show – so I dressed him up in a different famiuse costume 🙂 for some reason people tend to get mad when I draw a character that exists with differences so that he fits the other theme – especially when it's a direct or indirect reference to either one of the characters ( as a Easter egg ) these are the same people that don't bother reading the description where I point that out haha .if you like these that I do you can support me and get a print here www.dinotomic.com

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Salvador Dalí

Para ti, ¿cuál de estos dibujos es el mejor?